Jean Naugle, Mayor Mahr and Bernadette Hoyer

2024 Officers

Jean Naugle and Joan Skubish

Vice President
Laurie Chichester

Recording Secretaries
Tricia Aiere and Barbara Catterall

Corresponding Secretary
Mary Ball Cappio

Joanne Sheffield

Tish Isack and Dorothy Lusk

Left to right: Jean Naugle, Co-President; Tricia Aiere, Co-Recording Secretary; Laurie Chichester, Vice-President; Joanne Sheffield, Treasurer; Mary Ball Cappio, Corresponding Secretary; Tish Isack, Co-Director and Joan Skubish, Co-President. Missing from the photo are Barbara Catterall, Co-Recording Secretary and Dorothy Lusk, Co-Director.


March, 2023 marked the start of the Fanwood-Scotch Plains College Club’s 90th Anniversary. In February of 1933, Miss Lillian Virginia Hope brought ten other college women together at her home on Martine Avenue to discuss the possible organization of a college club. The objectives of this Club would be three fold; to increase the interest of local young women in attending college, to eventually provide financial aid to this end (a scholarship fund would become one of the Club’s primary purposes) and to be a source of camaraderie to the women themselves. A constitution was adopted, officers were elected and the first official meeting of the College Club was held on March 13, 1933.

Over the past 90 years, these objectives have remained the same. The Club’s name underwent a change in May of 1970 when the Club officially became The College Club of Fanwood-Scotch Plains. In 1934, the first scholarship was given in the amount of $200. and, since then, the College Club has awarded $780,000. to 582 young women from the Fanwood and Scotch Plains communities. Last year, the Club awarded $25,500 to eleven deserving young women from Fanwood and Scotch Plains. A unique feature of The College Club scholarship program is that young women can apply not just as high school seniors but every year they are an undergraduate. The recipients are selected based on multiple criteria including character/service, academic achievement and financial need.

Fanwood Mayor Colleen Mahr, center, presents proclamation honoring the College Club’s 91 year history for Women’s History Month during the regular meeting of the Fanwood Borough Council March 19, 2024. Pictured with the mayor are CC co-president Jean Naugle and publicity chair Bernadette Hoyer.
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